Auburn Bay Holiday Snow Clearing Special
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Auburn Bay Holiday Snow Clearing Special
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One month snow clearing contract. Prices vary depending on size of area cleared.

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Auburn Bay Snow Clearing Special

Auburn Bay residents are awesome, so let’s give them a holiday deal with snow clearing by Homethority Maintenance for a one month deal.

We love our Chinooks, but Winter is coming, so get on the end of a hockey stick instead of a snow shovel. With this deal, your snow will be removed 24 hours after a snow fall event. Basic ice removal is included, but we can talk further if you have a recurring issue with the Chinook melts.

We have different packages, based on the area of snow that needs removing (walkway, double and triple car garages). Different options are available to pay, if you don’t want to purchase through our secure site; just fire us an email and we will make it work.