Let Homethority maintain and improve your home.

Homethority Maintenance Inc. helps homeowners with scheduled home maintenance and vacation checking services in the Calgary marketplace. 

Our goal is to allow our clients the ability to spend more time with their family and friends, by making their home reliable and a pleasure to spend time in.


Maintenance Services

Scheduled home maintenance will not only increase the longevity of your home, but will increase its overall value. Let the Homethority team take care of your home maintenance tasks inside and out, so you can spend more time with your family and friends.

Vacation Check Services

Let Homethority ensure your home is safe and secure when you’re on vacation or away for business. We offer a number of services from lawn cutting, snow shoveling and pet care, while satisfying your insurance company’s requirements when you’re away.

Monthly Reminders

Homethority loves the do-it-yourself crowd, but sometimes they need a little help. Homethority fires out a monthly reminder home maintenance e-mail, to ensure you stay proactive on your home maintenance schedule throughout the year. Want to join the Homethority i-Do Club?

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Our Client Success

We are here to invest in one of your greatest assets. See what our client'‘s have to say.


Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘What? You too? I thought I was the only one.

— C.S. Lewis

Multiple Houses

A Top 10 Service

Homethority is here for you through thick and thin. We help you maintain your home, so you can focus on what is truly important to you.