Frequently Asked Questions


It takes a village to raise a child, while it takes a team of experts to maintain a home.

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How do i pay for the services?

We accept cash, cheque, credit cards and e-transfers for payment. We tried hugs for a bit, but we couldn’t deposit them at the bank.

Do you deal with landlords or property managers?

Yes, Homethority is currently managing properties and has lots of experience managing properties in a variety of types and conditions. We work with landlords, property managers and tenants to ensure a home is well cared for. From maintaining the home, to representing the landlord or property manager to resolve a tenant issue, Homethority can help.

Homethority has developed a special package, specifically for maintaining income properties. This allows both the tenant and the landlord to stay up to date with maintenance and with the condition of the property.

Do i have to be home for the SERVICE?

No, you do not need to be home when we service your home. Your time is valuable and why should you have to take a vacation or flex day to supervise us.

Our fully bonded team can enter your home through a key you provide us, through an electronic door code or through your wireless deadbolt, which we can easily install, if you choose not to be present for the appointment.

Are there any discounts offered, if i purchase multiple services?

Homethority offers discounts when multiple packages are purchased that overlap. For example, if you are a Vacation Check client, who wishes to have snow shoveling / lawn care added to your package, Homethority will provide a discount. Conversely, if you are a Home Maintenance client, who uses Vacation Check, you will receive a discount.

Homethority has partner discounts available for all clients, including newsletter clients. Currently, when you leave your vehicle at the Calgary or Edmonton airport, we provide a 20% discount at Park2Go.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes, a full in-depth privacy policy can be found on our privacy policy page. Homethority only collects information that it requires to service its clients.

do i have to sign a contract?

No, we will not lock you into a contract and you can leave the Homethority community whenever you choose; we might cry though.

We do have a Customer Service Agreement (CSA) to ensure both the homeowner and Homethority is protected, so everyone understands what services and level of expertise Homethority has been contracted to provide.

How is my private information handled?

Your security and safety is of utmost importance to Homethority and we will never sell it. We keep your information under lock and key; as well as, under a double password encryption file storage system. Please ask to see our Privacy Policy for additional information if you would like further details.

what is your service experience? are you a journeyman?

Homethority founder Robert Leeds has over two decades of basement development, renovation, home building and property management experience. He takes great pride in finding, fixing, improving and maintaining clients homes.

When a problem or situation exists when the Homethority staff does not have the adequate professional training for, we bring in expert Journeymen to tackle it head on. Some of our services rely on our fantastic partners, which we have aligned with, to ensure your home is fixed and maintained properly.

Why not use my neighbor or family friend to check on my home when i’m away?

Sure you can, but what happens if something goes wrong? Homethority has fully licensed and fully bonded employees and third party trades. We have over a 35 point checklist that we go through, every time we do a vacation check. Furthermore, Homethority can quickly act on your behalf if something does go wrong; in an experienced and professional manner.

How can I check your references?

Prospective clients may give us a call and we can connect you to current and past clients. You may also check our references on Google and Better Business Bureau (BBB).